Choosing the right sportswear is not just a matter of style but of comfort and maneuverability.

Walking as exercise is relatively low-impact, and easier for many people than activities like jogging and playing sports. If you are going to integrate walking into your exercise program, you should dress for the occasion clothing and accessories for walking vary in certain ways from the best clothing for other activities. Choosing walking specific clothing makes you much more comfortable while exercising.

How to Choose the Proper Workout Clothes

How to Choose the Proper Workout Clothes

The kind of clothes you wear when exercising depends a good deal on what kind of exercise you are doing, the weather so if you’re exercising indoors or out. Your individual preferences and budget may also determine what kind of clothes you wear when working out. If you are working out playing an activity, you will probably be given the right clothes for your needs.


Choose sneakers for exercise which are specific for the type of exercise you’ll be doing. For example, wear running or walking shoes for all those activities and basketball shoes if that is your sport. If you’re not sure which kind of exercise you will be doing or else you plan to do several kinds of work outs, wear cross-training sneakers. Go to a shoe store or sporting goods store to be professionally fitted for work out shoes, as it’s important to wear well-fitting shoes when exercising.

Shirts and Pants

Loose fitting or stretchy clothing is best for working out. Wear light-colored clothing in summer to help keep cool and darker-colored clothes for working out during the cold months to stay warm. Stretchy long pants or shorts work nicely for exercise, as well as T-shirts, tank tops or sweatshirts. Choose clothes that permit your skin to breathe.


Wear cotton socks for exercise or choose socks designed for working out; these socks are often made of a cotton and nylon blend. If at all possible, wear socks that are seamless, as seams can rub and irritate the feet during a work out. Some socks possess a bit of extra padding within the heel and toe area, where irritation is likely to occur.


When choosing fitness clothing, men often forget about undergarments. This is a big mistake since the right undergarments will ensure that you may have a safer and more effective workout. Men require a well-constructed athletic supporter. Consider wearing compression shorts to prevent your inner legs from rubbing together and causing thigh chafing.

Sports Bras for Runners

Sports Bras for Runners

Sports Bras for Runners

Saucony Motion Sensor Bra: This sports bra is ideal for medium-curvy women looking for support without feeling too constricted. The criss-cross straps provide comfortable support and also the fabric is breathable so sweat is wicked from your body. You’ll also find you have great support for top impact exercises if you’re a C-D cup and also the hook-and-eye clasp makes this one simple to get on and off.

Dress for Weather

Probably the most important things you can do when choosing your walking clothes are to dress appropriately for the weather. This really is relatively easy in the summer dress lightly in moisture-wicking materials and loose, comfortable sizes. During the cold months, though, it becomes more complicated. Walking generates body heat when you exercise, so you won’t need just as much clothing 15 minutes into your workout while you do when you first step outside. Dress yourself in three layers to balance body temperature and weather when it’s cold outside: Begin with a moisture-wicking synthetic, then an insulating layer of fleece, a breathable layer, like a light jacket. Remove and replace layers as needed over the course of your walk. If it’s very cold, start out wearing a hat, scarf and gloves.