Some goggles are created for serious competition while some are made just so kids can dive for swimming rings.

Swimming goggles are an essential swimming accessory. Swim goggles might not be a fashion statement, but they are a significant part of any swimmer’s wardrobe. Goggle help to protect your vision while allowing you to see where you stand going. Some goggles are created for serious competition while some are made just so kids can dive for swimming rings. Regardless of what the goggles are made for they are made differently today with many goggles being hypoallergenic and using some scientifically proven material to comfortably seal the goggles tight towards the user’s face. With so many styles and sizes it is not easy to choose which goggle fits your own personal style in both swimming goggles and fashion. Regardless of what your needs you will find the best goggles for you the following.

Aqua Sphere Seal

Choosing The Best Swimming Goggles

Choosing The Best Swimming Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Seal mask is sort of of a cross between a goggle along with a snorkeling mask. The Seal mask includes a much larger profile than most goggles, but doesn’t cover the nose just like a typical mask. This allows it to operate as a normal goggle while providing more of a complete face coverage. The Seal mask is well know for that excellent seal it makes between your goggle and the face. This makes it ideal for swimming in turbulent waters. The Seal mask will come in the original and XP Seal mask version having a lower profile.

Speedo Vanquisher

The line of Vanquishers easily result in the top of this list due to their far reaching appeal. These are a great goggle for competitive and recreational swimmers. Vanquishers feature soft silicone gaskets about the eyes for a very comfortable fit. Each pair of Vanquishers also has a set of four different size nose pieces. This enables each individual user to select body that is just right for them. Vanquishers fit more directly within the eye socket rather than round the eye. The line of Vanquishers includes Junior, Women’s, and Men’s sizes as well as the newly updated Vanquisher 2.0. Best for: Recreational and competitive swimmers ages 13 or more.

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles

Kaiman goggles are popular for his or her excellent visibility and outstanding comfort. They are a favorite of open water swimmers and triathletes because of their 180-degree visibility and easy-adjust buckles for the perfect fit. Kaiman goggles offer probably the softest gaskets available in a goggle today. Because of their wider shape Kaiman goggles do not fit into the eye sockets, but rather fit more round the eye. The silicone nose bridge isn’t adjustable; however, due to its soft nature it’s comfortable for a wide range of nose types. Kaiman goggles can be found in both small and full size models. Best for: Adult recreational swimmers, open water swimmers, triathletes.

TYR Swimple

Swimple goggles would be the ultimate ease of use goggles. They are available in one size designed for kids and are available in several fun colors. Swimple goggles have a solid nose piece and soft silicone gaskets which are easy on children’s eyes. The simple adjust release button around the sides of the goggles allow for no fuss adjustments of the rear strap. These goggles will have your kids splashing around very quickly. Best for: Kids who enjoy recreational swimming.

Speedo Aquasocket

Aquasockets were engineered with competitive swimmers in your mind. Their ultra low profile design ensures minimum drag with the water. These goggles fit directly within the eye sockets with their soft silicone gaskets for any snug comfortable fit that won’t come off in competition. Aquasockets also come with multiple size nose pieces to match a more customized fit. Best for: Competitive swimmers ages 13 or more.

Speedo Hydrospex

Speedo Hydrospex are a no frills goggle which are ultra comfortable and easy to use. The rear strap adjusts with the speed fit clip to create adjustments a snap especially with the new Hydrospex 2. The wide gaskets of the Hydrospex make these a perfect goggle for beginning swimmers. While Hydrospex will have a solid nose piece that doesn’t allow for adjustments they do are available in both Junior and Adult sizes to suit a wide range of users. As an added bonus… Hydrospex are available in a nearly endless array of colors. Best for: Children and beginning swimmers, anybody who likes wider goggles.

Swedish Goggles

Swedish goggles are a swimming classic and very long time favorite of competitive swimmers. Popular for that clear view and excellent field of vision they promote. Though they are a favorite of experienced swimmers they are doing take some getting used to. Swedish goggles must be completely assembled through the user and do not have any soft cushioning for the eye. The hard plastic eye pieces of Swedish goggles fit directly within the eye socket for a very unique fit. Swedish goggles can be found in many colors including metallic for that outdoors. Best for: Experienced and competitive swimmers searching for a custom fit.

TYR Technoflex

Technoflex are another wide frame goggle that would be ideal for youth and beginning swimmers. Similar to the Speedo Hydrospex the TYR Technoflex feature a solid nose piece and simple adjust fit clips around the sides. Soft silicone gaskets result in the Technoflex goggles easy on the eyes while providing you with clear vision in the water. TYR Technoflex 4.0 can be found in a great selection of fun colors. Best for: Youth and beginning swimmers, anybody who likes wider goggles.