There's no need to dress like a model for a workout, but proper gym clothes can make the difference between a satisfying sweatfest and a fruitless attempt at fitness.

What a man wears to the gym is as important as what he doesn’t wear to the gym center. There are different body types to consider while dressing. Additionally, there is a comfort level men should consider when dressing for a workout. The way of a workout also dictates what should, or should not, be worn to the gym. Group classes may require a different outfit than one-on-one training sessions. All things considered, a man should consider the material worn while exercising, as well as how it fits his body and promotes wicking sweat away.

How To Dress For The Gym

How To Dress For The Gym

Wearing the appropriate shorts, pants, shirt, and even socks while working out can mean the difference between a difficult or comfortable workout all around. This aide describes clothing choices as per male body types and ncludes exercise-specific guides. Lastly,it discusses about the perfect cuts and materials for men to consider while working out.

Workout Clothes:


Your intuition may be to wear as few clothes as possible in the gym in order to stay cool, yet concealing really furnishes you with with great benefits during training. Wearing a sweatshirt or hoodie during your workout will help keep your muscles, joints and ligaments warm, which will improve circulation and lessen the risk of strains, tears and other injuries. The extra sweating will also help to burn calories and reduce water weight. Look for something made of moisture-wicking material like Champion’s Double Dry Fleece Hoodie, which will keep you warm and dry and is simple enough to help you look good at the gym.

If you can’t imagine including a sweater in your workout clothes, stick with basic T-shirts made of plain old cotton or a material that keeps moisture away from your skin. As far as fit goes, you don’t want your shirt to be so loose that it will get in the way when you’re lifting weights, but a skin-tight tee will make you look like a douche, even if you have a killer body.

Don’t: When it comes to how to dress for the gym, unless you are a professional bodybuilder, avoid the barely-there, tiny-strapped muscle tank at all costs. If you must show off, go with a sleeveless T-shirt or a simple, non-wife-beater tank top.


What you wear on your bottom half should be both efficient and stylish while working out. Whether you choose athletic pants or shorts, length is a key element to dressing for the gym. Shorts should be no longer than a few inches below the knee, while short shorts should be exclusively worn in NBA throwback tribute games and never in the gym. If you choose pants for the gym, make sure they reach your ankles. Too long, and you’re liable to trip on them on the treadmill. Too short, and you’re wearing capris, which is not a good look in the gym for anyone of the male sex.

Both shorts and pants should be loose enough to allow a full range of movement but should never be baggy. Tight spandex shorts or pants are for runners and bicyclists and don’t belong at the gym. Elastic waistbands will make sure everything stays in place while you’re doing lunges or squats.

Don’t: Avoid men’s swimwear, cargo shorts, spandex, puffy cotton sweats, yoga pants, and capris, all of which I have seen on guys at the gym and heartily mocked inside my head and occasionally on Twitter.

Shoes and socks

If you must take a fashion risk at the gym, shoes are your most solid option. With the sheer number of decisions in athletic footwear, you’re bound to discover a couple that allows you to express a bit of your identity without going incredible. Don’t be afraid of a little color when learning how to dress for the gym. Shoes like the Nike Free 5.0 v4 iD will make a statement and might just catch the eye of an eligible female gym-goer.

Socks should be basic white, thick enough to hold up to punishment and short, like these ones from Everlast.

Don’t: Athletic shoes are your only option for the gym in terms of performance and appearance. Wearing sandals, loafers, dress shoes, etc. will make you stand out but not in a good way.

It doesn’t matter if a famous athlete has put his name on your shoes. They should be supportive, well cushioned and somewhat breathable.

Men's Bottoms for the gym

Men’s Bottoms for the gym


Some guys might question your toughness when they see you wearing protective gloves while weight lifting, but those guys have girlfriends who wish their hands were as soft and callous-free as yours. In addition to their functionality, weight-lifting gloves also look pretty great and give the impression that you are serious about your workout. Look for the right pair from reliable brands like Harbinger, Everlast or Nike.

Don’t: Don’t bother spending $100 or more on your first pair of weight-lifting gloves. Start with a pair that’s more economical until you figure out what you want and need in a glove, and then you can upgrade to a more expensive option.

Again with the uncomfortable factor. Not for the other gym attendees, but for yourself. Picking a wedgie is not only awkward, but it has to be uncomfortable and annoying to workout with the wrong underwear. Seamless underwear, or has become known as “yoga” underwear, is the most comfortable and breathable. Not only is the style of underwear important, but also the material. 100% cotton is probably not your best bet, but instead check out this guide to determine the right kind for your workout and your health.